Liprostin™, AngioSoma, Inc.’s flagship product in its product pipeline, is a Peripheral Artery Disease (‘PAD‘) therapy using FDA approved Alprostadil™ (a prostaglandin, referred to as PGE-1) packaged inside a proprietary Liposome for controlled drug release.


In September 2016, AngioSoma, Inc. with its Chairman Emeritus David P. ‘Doc‘ Summers PhD filed 2 provisional U.S. Patents and 2 non-provisional U.S. Patents (announced October 11, 2016 in a press release entitled ‘AngioSoma, Inc. Files 3 New Patent Applications on Liprostin™‘; notice correction to 4 patents from 3 referenced in press release) for a

OmniCath I & OmniCath II

AngioSoma, Inc., a publicly traded Nevada corporation (‘SOAN’), and its subsidiary AngioSoma Research, Inc., a wholly owned Texas subsidiary, own patents associated with the OmniCath® I atherectomy catheter, protected by a U.S. Patent 5,728,129 issued on March 17th, 1998. SOAN is filing new patents currently which will, in conjunction with the original base patent, create the OmniCath® II.