Healing that Matters Most

Phase II -C Clinical Trial Produced results depicted below, which show the progression of recovery of a patient diagnosed and treated with LiprostinTM to accelerate the healing on his right leg of an ulcer that would not heal.

Day One

This photo was taken on the date of the original examination of the patient.The patient’s ulcer measured 14 inches in length and 5.5 inches in width. The patient had developed drug resistant non-healing ulcer resulting from an injury. On this day, LiprostinTM was administered according to dosage standards established in clinical trails. The patient began a once per week dosage regimen.

Day 90

Thirty weeks later the patient was photographed while continuing the once per week intravenous treatment of LiprostinTM. In this time period, the ulcer shrunk to a size of 3×3 inches.

Day 200

After approximately 30 weeks of weekly tratment, the patient had full mobility and the ucler was completely healed.